Soundtracking: Your Music Buddy

Soundtracking is a neat SoundHound's free alternative. Its mission is quite straightforward and basic. To help you find out the title of any track and then provide you a nice way of sharing it. Jumping into More »

Flow Free: Bridges

Its been a lot since I last wrote a review about a puzzle game. Thanks god these guys from the [Big Duck Games LLC] team had a brilliant idea. Based on their More »

Umano: News Read to You

It seems that lately its harder to find any new useful applications or any addictive games on the Play Store. Finally, some devs released a pretty neat and useful application. Umamo is a fresh initiative More »

Bitcasa: Your new primary storage drive

Hello folks. Sorry for not updating so often lately, I have been quite busy with this semesters exams. Hopefully, you are going to love today's application and forgive me for not posting More »

Viki: TV, Movies, and Music!

Hello folks. Today, I decided reviewing a0 new fresh addition to the Play Store called Viki - TV, Movies & Music! You can install this app for free. Its name already gives away More »


Sleep Therapy: Binaural Beats

Hello folks. My previous review was about the best Relax and Sleep app to my opinion. Hence I decided writing about one more Sleep Therapy application. It's called Binaural Beats, it is an open source project and you can get it from the Play Store. What Read more [...]
Woman Sleeping

Relax and Sleep: A simple, but useful app

Description Choose from a list of 35+ ambient sounds which include thunder, lightning, stopwatch, white noise, ocean, sea, birds, rain, crickets and other bugs, frogs, water, airco and other mechanical noises, nature... and many more. Change the Read more [...]

Memedroid: Enjoy the Best Memes

Top Memes viewing application: Hello folks. I thought of posting a Happy New Year's eve application review. So, before you begin partying hard for 2013 take a moment reading about memedroid. You can get it from the Play Store for free or purchase Read more [...]

Utter: Your Best Personal Assistant

Hello folks, I am glad we all survived worlds end and thus I can keep on writing for this blog :D. I am pretty sure that most of you have heard of iPhone's Siri. Well, there is a counterpart app for Android, currently in beta version. It lacks of some Read more [...]

Bazooka Launcher: iPhonizing

Currently, there are so many many launchers out there choose from. Some of them offer great customization features, others simplicity and speed and others try to combine everything. Bazooka Launcher is a great launcher to my opinion. It is simple and Read more [...]