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Flow Free: Bridges

Its been a lot since I last wrote a review about a puzzle game. Thanks god these guys from the [Big Duck Games LLC] team had a brilliant idea. Based on their previous game Flow Free, they made a little addition... and BOOM an amazing puzzle game came Read more [...]

The Curse: The complete brain exploding puzzle game

It's been a lot time, since I posted a review of puzzle game. Hopefully, you are going to forgive me, since I am back with an awesome puzzle game. I am talking about The Curse, which you can find on the Play Store for 1$. So, if you ask me why this Read more [...]

Elemental: A Complete Puzzle Game

Do you love sudoku? Hopefully, you do, because this game is like sudoku, but with no numbers. You have to use your brain in order to combine different elements, like earth and fire, to solve a puzzle. Starting this game, you will be playing in a small Read more [...]