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Ninjump: Will You Reach the sky?

I was checking my Game folders and I saw one of my old favorites games. So, I decided sharing it with you guys. Ninjump is a simple running game for Android. Having high agility level is very important into succeeding and making high scores. If you Read more [...]

Asphalt 6: Feel the Adrenaline

When i was young, i played Need For Speed Underground in one of my first computers and i was like "Wow, this thing is awesome. I want to die playing this game". Afterwards, the next NFS games were released with way better graphics and plot and features. Read more [...]

Dark Summoner: Total Addiction

Have you played Yu-Gi-Oh in the past? Well who didn't play this awesomeness? What would you say about a mobile addicting card game? It does remind to me lot of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh years! It is called Dark Summoner and you can get it here. Ok, Read more [...]