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Brass Monkey: Feel the Magic

What if I told you, that some devs had a great idea which lets you to turn your device into a Wii? Well, not a Wii exactly but the same concept. The talk is about Brass Monkey, a fresh released app by the Brass Monkey dev team. As the developers state Read more [...]

Beat Hazard: Combine Gaming and Music

This fresh released game promises to provide a different gaming experience from the usual one. Its gameplay is powered by your music. Keep on reading and you will see what I am talking about. So, Beat Hazard was developed by [ Cold Beam Games Ltd Read more [...]

Subway Surfers: How far can you run?

Join the most daring chase! is the message in game's description. Being chased from a scary Inspector, while enjoying great HD graphics, is an absolute awesomeness. As I have said in the past, I can't still believe that such games exist for my mobile Read more [...]

Awesome Shooting Games for Awesome Shooters

Howdy, howdy !!! I believe, it's time that i shared with you, some of my favorite shooting games.  Well, finding an addictive shooting game isn't that hard. It has to have good psychics and challenging levels. Angry Birds is considered one of the Read more [...]

Dead Trigger: Will you survive?

Almost every day, there are lots games released in the Play Store, promising hours of fun and entertainment. I am downloading mostly the one's that have fine feedback in the market and nice graphics. However, there are some games, that before you start Read more [...]