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Soundtracking: Your Music Buddy

Soundtracking is a neat SoundHound's free alternative. Its mission is quite straightforward and basic. To help you find out the title of any track and then provide you a nice way of sharing it. Jumping into deeper detail, Soundtracking comes with Read more [...]

Flow Free: Bridges

Its been a lot since I last wrote a review about a puzzle game. Thanks god these guys from the [Big Duck Games LLC] team had a brilliant idea. Based on their previous game Flow Free, they made a little addition... and BOOM an amazing puzzle game came Read more [...]

Umano: News Read to You

It seems that lately its harder to find any new useful applications or any addictive games on the Play Store. Finally, some devs released a pretty neat and useful application. Umamo is a fresh initiative app having great potentials with lots of promises. Read more [...]

Bitcasa: Your new primary storage drive

Hello folks. Sorry for not updating so often lately, I have been quite busy with this semesters exams. Hopefully, you are going to love today's application and forgive me for not posting so often. The talk is about BitCasa, a cloud external disk application. In Read more [...]

Viki: TV, Movies, and Music!

Hello folks. Today, I decided reviewing a0 new fresh addition to the Play Store called Viki - TV, Movies & Music! You can install this app for free. Its name already gives away its purpose. However, its not only about getting informed for new TV shows, Read more [...]