Soundtracking: Your Music Buddy


Soundtracking is a neat SoundHound’s free alternative. Its mission is quite straightforward and basic. To help you find out the title of any track and then provide you a nice way of sharing it.

Jumping into deeper detail, Soundtracking comes with some awesome features. It comes with a home screen widget enabling you to immediately record and discover any unknown song. This way your music searching skills will be fast enough to catch up with any DJ – even if he is switching tracks quickly :). Furthermore, Spotify and Youtube and other music services are integrated with this app. Personally, I think its interface is 100% clean and user friendly, while offering a nice Trending Tracks section where you basically can be informed of new tracks. The only thing that I didn’t like was that they required me to log in with a facebook or twitter or any other email account. There could be an anonymous log in option for people not willing to share music with social network friends.
Summing up, I believe that you should definitely try it out, since its free application. Lastly, its a nice addition to your apps, even if you are a SoundHound fan. This way if one fails to find the track, the other could always give you back results.

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for using time in order to write “Soundtracking:
    Your Music Buddy | Android Game & Apps Reviews”.
    Many thanks once more -Mckenzie

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