Umano: News Read to You


It seems that lately its harder to find any new useful applications or any addictive games on the Play Store. Finally, some devs released a pretty neat and useful application. Umamo is a fresh initiative app having great potentials with lots of promises. Compared to the rest news-applications, this one will read the latest stories to you.

In order to convince you, I think I will have to analyze some things. First of all, let me clear that Umamo won’t read English like a robot(as most of applications would do until now), but in a more human friendly way. I really like this mans voice, since its absolutely easy to understand him. If you are the guy who wants his news on the go or you prefer voice over letters, then this is a must own application. Coming with a pure clean interface, working like a charm, being 100% easy to use and being free makes Umamo one of the best news applications around. You can always choose which news categories you are interested in. Moreover, Umamo will let you download news for offline listening, which makes it more adorable for devices with no 24/7 3G on them.

This app is one great addition to the Play Store and thus you should definitely try it out.

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