Viki: TV, Movies, and Music!


Hello folks. Today, I decided reviewing a0 new fresh addition to the Play Store called Viki – TV, Movies & Music! You can install this app for free. Its name already gives away its purpose. However, its not only about getting informed for new TV shows, movies and tracks.

Viki lets you watch the best TV shows, movies and music clips in high quality, translated in your language ! There is a ton of categories promising to keep everyone happy. Japanese anime, American cartoons, news and documentaries, as well as movies from all around the World-Hollywood are some of the available titles. You can always discover upcoming shows in the “Featured” and “Coming Soon” sections. However, if you don’t own a tablet you may find it difficulty watching shows on your smartphone. You can always connect your smartphone to a display and enjoy its great services :D
Facebook and Twitter are connected with that application, so you are able of publishing your favorite videos :). Lastly, streaming videos anywhere and anytime with a (fast) WiFi or 3G connection makes this application more awesome!!

To sum up, I guess there is not really much else to tell you about this app. You should just head on over to the Play Store to install it and start using it to see for yourself.

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