Sleepwalker’s Journey: Take Care of the Moonboy


Hello folks. This time I decided not to begin my review with a question :)

Once upon a night, that I had no sleep (as always), I started searching for a new addictive game on the market. Guess What… ? I found it ! It’s called Sleepwalker’s Journey. It is perfect and definitely worth its 1$.


Your goal is pretty simple. Games difficulty is increased steadily and thus, each kind of gamer could enjoy it. So, our beloved Moonboy sleepwalks through dreams and you got to help him reach his bed ! You have to guide him safely back to his bed through various traps and obstacles. You are impersonating something like a magician or god and therefore you are capable of lifting and shifting things in the area, in order to lead our strange sleeper to his bed. Collect stars(coins) and avoid hitting on walls/obstacles, because each time you hit, some of your collected stars are lost. Lead him to his lovely bed, before time expires and receive a 3 out 3 score :).


The devs made sure to keep you busy for a long time, since there are over 45 dreams to explore. While this game runs smooth as butter in every android device, it has visuals optimized for powerful Android devices. Moreover, its perfect built control mechanism combined with a responsible response system, will keep you un-raged. Generally speaking, it is one of the “Worth to spend a buck” games to my opinion. It combines fun play with 100% functionality. What else would a gamer ask for ? Furthermore, there is a rewind button that helps you correct mistakes. This is an awesome feature for non-perfectionists. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore gamer, you can play every dream as many times as it is needed to complete it with full score in quick time. The only thing that could be considered a drawback, is the fact that levels are too easy to complete in the begin. But seriously, being a little patient, will grant you awesome gaming moments!!


To sum up, my thoughts of this game are conspicuous. I definitely like it and I am strongly suggest you getting it right now!

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