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Hello folks. I thought of posting a Happy New Year’s eve application review. So, before you begin partying hard for 2013 take a moment reading about memedroid. You can get it from the Play Store for free or purchase the pro version.

Memedroid is a meme reader that lets you view, share, comment and rate memes in a social and user friendly way. It has a pretty nice and clean interface, which could let you watching memes for hours :). Basically, this is it, it has a nice interface, which easily lets people rate and share memes. In addition, it comes with a nice categories menu, from which you can view the top rated memes of the week, month or all the time. Granting you the ability to download your favorite memes is awesome too. One touch and you’ve got this meme saved on your device. However, it would be nice if there was an option to change the path that downloaded memes are being stored to. Memedroid will hide memes that you have already viewed, which is actually a neat feature! There are some more features which you could enjoy by registering a free account, like challenges.

Memedroid’s pro version’s features:

If you like this application, you could purchase its pro version and therefore support the developers and unlock some extra features. First of all, memedroid will become ad free, removing the annoying ads at the bottom. Furthermore, the offline store will be unlocked. This is great, because you can save a bunch of memes and view them later, while being in a boring place with no Internet connection.

In conclusion, I believe that its simplicity and its robust functionality make this application a “must-have” for your device and especially, for memes addicts.

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