Bazooka Launcher: iPhonizing


Currently, there are so many many launchers out there choose from. Some of them offer great customization features, others simplicity and speed and others try to combine everything. Bazooka Launcher is a great launcher to my opinion. It is simple and beautiful. Basically, it makes your phone look like an iPhone, however it has its own unique and neat icon pack.

One awesome feature of Bazooka, is that you can replace the default Android lock screen with different types of lockscreens depending on which theme you have applied. In addition, you have the opportunity to control your music player from the lock screen itself. The default lock screen it comes with is pretty neat. I actually love it and saves me some time(shortcuts to calls, sms), since I am making calls regularly. Another thing that I would like to mention, is that there is a large number of MIUI themes that could can try out. I’ve figured out only one drawback. When I used this launcher combined with a live wallpaper, I faced some serious lagging issues. However, my device is kinda weak (Galaxy S I9000) for today’s apps and you should not face such problems.

To sum up, personally I find this launcher useful, simple and fancy. You can always give it a try and if you don’t like it much, switch back to your old one.

Here’s some pictures:

bazooka3 bazooka2 bazooka1

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