Subway Surfers: How far can you run?


Join the most daring chase!

is the message in game’s description. Being chased from a scary Inspector, while enjoying great HD graphics, is an absolute awesomeness. As I have said in the past, I can’t still believe that such games exist for my mobile phone.The talk is about Subway Surfers, which is to my opinion, one of the MUST have games in your device. It is free. It is mature enough, since there have been lots of major updates. It is funny and easy to play. I don’t see a reason for not downloading it right now ! Well, the game’s concept and gameplay are the same ones that we have met in Temple Run. If you are the guy, that looks for games with unique story or gameplay in games, then this may not be for you. If on the other hand, you liked Temple Run, but you need something little different and better, this is for you.

The gameplay is quite simple and addictive. All you want to do is tag and collect coins, Unfortunately, there is some police chasing you. It is an endless runner game, since your goal is to run as far as you can and collect more and more coins, by traversing subway tracks and avoiding obstacles. What I like in this game, except the cool graphics and advanced physics, is the fact that I can do lots of different stunts. For example, I love jumping and turning left/right in the air, in order to collect as many coins as possible.
It’s current version is quite mature and I didn’t face any problems at all. Of course, you will need a large screen and a high performance device to enjoy this game completely. In any other case, you may have lag and screen spikes, since this game’s graphics are kinda a heavyload. On the other hand, the control system is nice based on touch swiping and has perfect response. Moreover, one of the most important parameters for a game to be considered TOP( in my opinion ) is the fact in what level does it force you to spend cash, in order to win. Guess what !! You can spend 0$ on Surfway Surfers and still fully enjoy it :). Of course, if you can do it, support the developers. Remember this gives them courage to improve the game and make our lives better !!

In conclusion, I would like to state that I love this game and I would totally recommend it to any runner gamer fan. Sooooo… give it a try :)

Ah and a pro tip: When first playing, don’t forget to read every pro tip that is given on the loading screen :)

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