SeriesGuide: Manage your TV Series Watching

Are you the guy who loves watching a bunch of Series and constantly searching for new ones ?

If yes, then SeriesGuide Show Manager is definitely a Must-Have in your device. If no, give it a try and it could turn you into a TV-Series addict :)

This application, works quite simple. It’s goal is to keep you informed and updated about your favorite TV series. Moreover, you can browse the hottest series and discover new ones to get addicted with :). There are not much that I can tell for this app, although I believe it is a must have app. It works perfect, loads fast and is well organized. I would like to see a reminder option added, in order to remind people of new episodes that just came out. In addition, it has a check-in service for check-in lovers. If you like sharing with your friends which episode you are watching, then you will love this application. This can be done in 1 click.
To sum up, this app has no drawbacks at all I would say. It is free. It is lite. It is useful. What are you waiting for ?
Enjoy :)


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  1. Dennis says:

    I am Dennis and today is Monday. The tv watching apps is my preferences now!

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