Eye in Sky Weather


Are you tired of searching for a simple, functional and not annoying weather widget? Have you tried lots of them, but they have had serious disadvantages like battery draining or updating bugs?

Eye In Sky Weather is a nice addition from Tim Clark to Android’s Play Store. It is free and works like a charm. To be honest, I am not a big fan of widgets, since they are battery consumers. I surely prefer my battery lasting some hours longer over some nice widgets. However, when a widget is well built and is based on elegant algorithms, it shall come in handy :).

Why this widget?

It works simple, while makes your phone look awesome. It comes with a really user friendly configuration menu which is consisted of every must have option. Adding this apps weather widget at your home screen, it lets you choose through a variety of beautiful weather icons. This is quite neat, actually. Moreover, I didn’t notice any serious battery draining issues, which is important. Lastly. you could support the developers by getting the pro version and in return remove those kinda annoying ads.
Pro tip: You can change the update interval from the options. By default it is set at 4hours, which is fine. If you ask me, I have changed that value at 10 hours. That’s not a problem, since there is a refresh button and thus you can be informed about weather anytime by just tapping it.

To sum up, If you are the kind of person who depends daily on weather conditions and you are still looking for a useful weather widget, then go for it :).


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