Brass Monkey: Feel the Magic


What if I told you, that some devs had a great idea which lets you to turn your device into a Wii?

Well, not a Wii exactly but the same concept. The talk is about Brass Monkey, a fresh released app by the Brass Monkey dev team. As the developers state “Welcome to the next generation of gaming systems.”

How it works:

Let me take some time explaining what Brass Monkey is basically. It is a gaming system which lets you turn your device(phone, tablet) into a controller and play games in your browser. The connection between them is done via a wireless network(WiFi). Instead of buying a gamepad or using your keyboard to play games on your PC, you can use your device and enjoy innumerous gaming hours. There are games that can be played in multiplayer mode with your friends. Of course, you will have to be in the same wireless LAN. However, the beauty comes with the fact that you can play games using your device’s accelerometer. In other words, you can make moves in a game by moving your phone( e.g. golf, tennis ).

Getting started:

Getting started is quite simple. Install Brass Monkey from the Play Store for free. Connect on WiFi and run the app. From your computer visit “” and make sure to have Unity WebPlayer installed or install it. Just hit connect and a connection between your browser and phone will be established. You can make an account or play as a guest. Some of the games need coins. You can purchase some coins from their in-game market and unlock those games. Although, don’t freak out, because most of the games are available for free. There are currently dozens of different games available to play. Some of them turn your phone into a controller, when others are control motion based. And.. This only the beginning, with new games being added all the time.


Let me begin by saying that this app is based on a new gaming concept and has lots of work to be done, lots of things to be improved. Therefore, it is really important for devs to get support from people. Refer to them any bugs you have found, buy some extra coins and spread the word about Brass Monkey. I find their web interface awesome and simple to use. I barely faced any serious issues while trying to play and there are no latency problems. To be honest, sometimes a game may not load, but restarting the application and refreshing their play site, will mostly fix it. Most of the games have great graphics, since Unity and HTML5 are used. Moreover, I like the fact that you can play golf with your friends and other games co-op. Don’t forget to tell them bring their devices :). On the other hand, I noticed some issues when the accelerometer is being used( not 100% response ), but this may be due to my device. In general, some tiny issues cannot beat the awesomeness of Brass Monkey. Finally, I consider the fact that game developers can add(develop) more games on Brass Monkey’s list perfect, because there will be more and more crazy games coming out soon.

Redeem Code:

I contacted the developers and they gave me a redeem code, which will grant anyone who uses it free coins and gifts.
Please use it as soon as possible BEFORE it expires :)

The code is “reviewsandroid15″ and you can redeem it at You will have to register an account in order to receive coins. Just hit this URL and open the app from your smartphone/device. Then, connect on the Promotional Offers host and insert the code. That’s all, enjoy :)

In conclusion, I strongly doubt it that there is a human being who wouldn’t like this application. Try this app out and you will absolutely love it. Have fun :).

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