Beat Hazard: Combine Gaming and Music


This fresh released game promises to provide a different gaming experience from the usual one. Its gameplay is powered by your music. Keep on reading and you will see what I am talking about.

So, Beat Hazard was developed by [ Cold Beam Games Ltd ] and was first released on XBLIG in 2009. Afterwards, it became available for PC/Mac and iOS. It is a classic arcade shooter… Well, NOT it is actually something more.
While listening to your favorite track, your goal is to control a spaceship and fight against enemies on the space. The awesomeness is that every map is created based on the track you are listening to. Actually, it’s not only that. Enemies and power ups are based on the song too. Basically the whole flow of the game is produced due to your currently listening track. Is simple words, Beat Hazard mixes the love of gaming and music. Together they become greater than the sum of their parts.Your main goal is to survive until the end of the selected track, owning enemy ships and bosses. So, one music track equals one game. While feeling the rhythm of the beats, you can enjoy the magic of its stunning effects and graphics. The more intense the song is, the faster your spaceship fires, but the more enemies are coming on you.Moreover, its sound effects are awesome. How couldn’t they be, since you choose the music :). There are 2 gameplay modes. A simple 1 stick mode for new players and a 2 stick mode for pros, where you basically have to control the spaceship’s position and aim the enemies. Trust me, there is no need to try that second mode from the first days. I did and I felt really bad. Just keep on practising and eventually you will be ready to beat the hardcore mode. Finally, I think that more new things and features will be coming from time to time, until this game becomes the complete arcade shooter game.
In conclusion, I believe that it definitely worth spending 2$ to buy the full version, since it’s game that can be played under every situation and entertain you.

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