You think you know much about Dota 2?


To my opinion, Dota is the best MOBA game around for PC. (Well, if you are lol player, then I feel bad for you xD ) The last year, Valve has launched a beta version of Dota 2, which is a rebuild of Warcraft’s Dota maps.

If you already have a beta key and you had been playing dota 1, then probably you won’t need this app. On the other hand, if you are an upcoming Dota player, either you have a beta key or you are expecting one, then Dota 2 Assistant  is here to help you.

In simple words, Dota 2 Assistant will help you improve your skills rapidly. It comes with database containing every item and hero/champion and a sweet stat calculator. The stat calculator is the best feature of that application. Basically, it let’s you choose your items in a hero and then watch his stats. This is really helpful, since you can experiment in a fast way with your item builds.

The reason, that I find this app useful, is its portability and ease of learning. If you are travelling or in a place with no computer access, then this will help you fight your boredom and therefore prevent you from suiciding , while making you a better player :). An additional reason to get this app immediately, is that it’s developers are constantly updating it. Finally, there are no drawbacks to be mentioned.

In conclusion, I don’t think that there are much to say about this application. Just give it a try and you are going to love it.

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