How About Some Face Distorting?


Is your friend considered more beautiful than you ? Is she/he stealing your next crush all the time ?

Not anymore !!! With this magical application, you are granted the power to make her/him look ugly.
This one, works really simple. You just have to load an image and warp it using your finger over the area you want to distort. Using your imagination is an important factor, since this app provides little options, but powerful ones if they are used wisely and in a smart way. In addition, this application could be used in order to create more beautiful faces. I guess, you are going to need a lot of skills and effort, but it may worth it.
The control system is quite simple. From the bottom you can select the width of the area that the warp effect will affect. It has five warping methods. Selecting the proper one, you can distort the face from the left to right or right to the left. One important feature is the first button, which looks like a reverse arrow. It will help you fix any mistakes by reversing the selected region to it’s original state. It’s something like an undo option, however you can apply it to any region any time. Experimenting a bit, with these options is a MUST in order to create high quality stuff in the future. There are no pro tips, nor amazing guides. You have just to practise and use your imagination :)
There is one more app called Face Off. You simply have to load a face picture and pick a body template, like superman’s. Then, Face Off using some complex algorithms will try to fit the face into the body, with the best way. The reason, that I mentioned this app, is that you can combine it with Photo Warp and thus create really funny pictures of yourself or your friends :)

In conclusion, I strongly advise to you getting these apps, since they are free and have no annoying ads at all, especially if you love photo editing. That’s all, have fun :)

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