The Curse: The complete brain exploding puzzle game


It’s been a lot time, since I posted a review of puzzle game. Hopefully, you are going to forgive me, since I am back with an awesome puzzle game.

I am talking about The Curse, which you can find on the Play Store for 1$.
So, if you ask me why this puzzle game instead of all the other puzzle games out there, I would say chooseThe Curse for many many reasons that I will list below. Follow with me and you’re going to like that game.

The Curse is yet another puzzle game, however fulfilling every puzzle gamers wildest expectations. It’s simple graphics and well built interface combined can let you play for hours ( better let me say get your head exploded after playing some time ), while running 100% smooth. Unexpectedly, this game comes with a nice plot. Basically, your goal is to unleash the curse by successfully solving puzzles, and therefore pwn the wizard( called Mannequin ) who has put this curse :).

A funny moment that I had, was when I solved 30/100 puzzles and suddenly this wizard came up saying to me “You have failed and thus I will punish you by draining out your device’s battery.”. Then, I saw my battery going down and my phone was shutdown. After 5-10 seconds it was it woke up and I laughed really hard, because I realized how smart and realistic this prank was :D.

I would take the risk it and state that The Curse game one of the best puzzle games out there, if not the best one. Level difficulty increases steadily and fair enough. Although, I had hard times solving some of the first levels, but maybe it was just me. Moreover, I find the fact that you can play any level that you wish without any prerequisites at any time cool. In other words, you could immediately start playing the hard levels and save the easy ones for special cases, e.g when you are drunk :). A huge disadvantage to my opinion is this game’s “pay to proceed” tactic. I consider the fact that you need to pay for hints really bad.

In conclusion, I would suggest you to get this game, if you are looking for challenging, unique and smart made puzzles. That’s all, happy brain smashing :)

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