AppZapp: Your Best Play Store Buddy


AppZapp is a new hot application, finally came to Android, which is going to be your best Market buddy. In simple words, AppZapp provides instant updates for any application price drops. Who doesn’t like buying something that used to cost 4$ and for some days it’s developers decided to sell it just 1$.

When you launch this app, you can view the most recent offers. There is a detailed sub-interface for each offer like a description, it’s previous price, rating and link on the Play Store. Furthermore, I find awesome the feature that I can view the newest apps posted in the Play Store. I think it could be really useful, if you like being 100% up to date with Market’s releases, because the official Play Store even in the new apps section keeps promoting the best apps in the first pages. So, basically it is quite exhausting looking over 200 apps each day, in order to find only the few fresh released ones.There are a lot of drawbacks yet, of course. If you ask me, I would like some better navigation options and not just viewing the most recent price drops. For example, a sorting option by price, rating etc would be great. However, since it’s beta yet, we need to give time to the developers :). Also, please keep in mind that this application is still in beta state, so bugs will exist. If you find ones, send an email to the developers. This way we can all help them, make this app our best Play Store information point :)
Finally, there are not much to tell about AppZapp, but I insist on trying it out. Be patient and install newest updates all the time :D. Hopefully, it will become your best friend soon.That’s all I had to say, enjoy !

Get it here for free.

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