ePSXe: The King of Playstation Emulators?


Is there any human being, who have not played on PlayStation ? I don’t think so. However, what happens when,  nowadays in 2012, you have plenty of time and you are willing to remember how it was, having innumerable hours of fun on PS. You have heard of PlayStation emulators for your PC for sure. What if I told you, that there exists a great emulator app, which works like a charm for your android device ?

Yes, I am talking about ePSXe, the famous PS emulator for PC. Thanks god, this team ported their project for Android. It’s Android version sticks to the basics and gets the job done, without any problems :)

Below, I will try to provide a brief installation walkthrough, in case that you have not used an emulator before. Don’t worry it’s extremely easy and you will need no more than 15 minutes. Follow the guide and if you got any problems feel free to contact me.
First of all, you are going to need a BIOS file, like the one, the real PlayStation had. There is a nice app on the store called Any Emulator Bios. This app will export a PS1 BIOS at your sd card, by just tapping one button. Then, you will have to run the emulator and select this BIOS file from the directory you saved it. Afterwards, you will have to download some game ISOs[ search in the google ] or use your old favorite cds to create bin files.

That’s all, you should be able to start playing by now. 

The first game that I run, was Mega Max X5.( one of my favorites ) I was really excited that I played it about 2 hours in a row, without any problems. Keeping such a project simple, like those developers did, helps a lot, since you avoid facing serious bugs. I like the control system, because it is easy as a pie to use and you can hardly click a wrong button. In addition, I would like to say that running smooth all the time, reserving the lowest RAM possible and saving your game progress successfully, are the main reasons that declare this app as the Best Android PlayStation Emulator out there. On the other hand, it may be kinda expensive, but if you liked your childhood then you have to spend those bucks. It totally worth it, trust me.

In conclusion, I am sure that this app may show up some problems under specific circumstances. It’s unavoidable, considering the complexity of developing such a project. However, the development team is 100% trustworthy and they keep updating all the time. Just report your problem and you will get the fix soon.

Have fun :)

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