Airdroid: Control your phone through your browser!


How many times have you forgot/lost ( or boring to pick ) your USB cable, while you need to transfer files on your device ?
How many times you wished there was a simple way with a nice interface, in order to manage your phone over your personal computer?

Airdroid is an awesome free app that lets you wirelessly manage your device from your computer’s browser. In other words, if your phone is connected to the same LAN [ Local Area Network ] with a computer, you can control it, through your favorite browser. Stunningly, it so easy to use as making a call. And, No i am not lying..

So, you just have to download it, install, enable your wifi and RUN it! Then, it will provide to you two ways of authenticating, in order to connect onto it. A domain and an IP. Using the domain URI, should be better, because your phone may change local IP from time to time. So, hit this URI on your browser and provide the passcode, that the application gave to you. This is done for security reasons, because you don’t want someone else gaining access on your phone, if you are connected on the same random public WiFis. For more security, you can scan the barcode that your browser will provide.

Ok, admit it! You just fell in love with that web interface, didn’t you ?

Airdroid top android application

That’s how the web interface looks like. It is totally simple to use, smooth and user friendly. You can install or uninstall applications through it. Searching on the play store and installing apps, feels really good this way. Uploading-transfering files on the phone is cool, because you can select the appropriate folder, for example music, and upload them there. You don’t need any cables or any ftp/ssh client-server tools to transfer files. Being able to review my call or message logs, makes my life happier and easier, using their organized interface. Clicking on a contact, will grant you information[ logs ] about all your calls and messages.

One awesome feature is that you can capture a screenshot of your phones current screen state. Provided that you have rooted your device, of course. Moreover, sending a SMS using your keyboard, is pretty cool, isn’t it ?

A lot of people claim that their computer could not see their tablet in the local network, but using this application they managed to control their device through a browser. Ok enough, with the advantages.. the must be some cons, right ? Yeah, this application lucks of some nice features, however i believe that the developers will add them as soon as possible. To my opinion, I think it would be nice if you could be alarmed for any incoming call. This could be useful, in case your device is far away or in silent mode. Furthermore, sometimes I noticed that the web interface page won’t load properly. Some icons, may be invisible and un-clickable. Refreshing the session fixes that issue.

In conclusion, I believe everyone could find this application extremely useful and fall in love with. Especially, in the future, when they will be fixing the last problems. Enough said… I hope that your totally convinced of giving it a shot.

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