Where’s My Perry?


Looking for a challenging physics-based puzzle game ?

Don’t worry, i think i have got the solution for you. You can get it in a free version or a paid one.

Download the free version here.

You have heard about Where’s my Water before, for sure. Well, this game was built in the same way, but it has a lot of improvement compared to Where’s my Water. It has a funny plot, i really like it. It does not have a story actually, but somehow you can create a story with your imagination. Before, i continue writing, i have to warn you. This game may get too challenging and addictive. You could be lead into being sleepless for hours or days ? Who knows :D.

Ok, some details about this awesomeness. It runs 100% smooth, has a really cool interface, very good graphics and well made physics! Moreover, i love its sound effects and character voices.

So your main goal is to use water in all its different forms, ice, steam and liquid, to solve the puzzle. Moving forward on levels the game gets harder and harder. It could easily make your mind burn and cause a headache. The nice thing with that game, is it’s levels uniqueness. Each level is 100% awesome, funny, non-boring and challenging. When moving to the next level you meet new materials and mechanisms in order to have your job done. The only cons i have met until now is that you can barely design a path in the dirt with high accurancy, especially if your device has a small screen and the other little problem, is that you may find youselves really stuck, because it can become a lot tricky and hard solving a puzzle. Another little disadvantage is that the free version has a small number of levels. So if you try it out, you will probably get the paid version to get many many new levels :).

Ok, i think i am done. You just have to play this game, enough said.

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