TripleTown: Another Addictive Puzzle Game


Have you got enough time to spare, but you want to stretch your brain ? 

No problem, [Spry Fox LLC] team has done a great job and I can promise, they can really make your mind blow. This awesomeness is called TripleTown and you can get it here. It is a free game, though you may need to pay for it. Actually, if you are good enough and you won’t play more than 30 minutes per day, you may not need to pay.

It’s gameplay is kinda interesting. You are starting on an almost empty map  [ grid: 6x6 ] and you have to build a city. The bigger and richer the city gets, the more score and rewards you will get. The round is over, when you got no more free space. In detail, you begin with some basic pieces, which are bushes and trees. By compounding them 3 by 3 you create something bigger. This is possible, when these pieces are neighbors. For example, combining 3 trees will give you a small wooden house. Afterwards, combining 3 wooden houses, will give you a nice castle and so on and so forth. A nice feature, is that you can make a combo. For example, if you combine 4 trees, you will get a better wooden house.

As you can see, it’s not that easy. Creating some stuff in the wrong place, will make these blocks unavailable and you will be running out of space to build. Something that I really hate, is a ninja-monster, which becomes available after sometime and if you place it, it will jump onto another block after each placement you do. This can destroy all your plans and dreams :). Furthermore, there are two more important things I didn’t mention. The first one, is a diamond, which is like a wildcard. You can combine it with any basic or advanced element to create a better one. The second feature, is the one that will help you a lot in this game, if you use it wisely. It is a [1x1] storage room, where you can save an item to place it later.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this game. If you not play a lot, you will always have basic pieces to place and thus, be able to play :). Otherwise, you may need to buy some extra pieces,and so support the developers, because they really worth it.

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