Time Killing Apps


You want to waste some of your free time with something funny, but not a game?
Don’t worry, there are some really fun applications out there.

I will post a list of applications that i like to use when bored. Some of them can be proved really useful into trolling people :)

It is an application which lets you record your voice and turn it into a track with an appropriate melody:). It is really well built with really awesome features. It comes with some free song templates in order to choose which you like. In case you need more templates they have a great library where you can get some really cheap.

Russian Roulette
Yeah, you read correctly. A russian roulette !! It is really cool when you want to test your luck. Just reload your gun with 1 bullet and shoot. If your dead, then you should feel really unlucky. This application is fun and it has a nice interface. You can also keep some statistics in order to check your luck level more precisely :D.

This is a really cool app. You can select between many many weapons. Wanna try a shotgun or a rifle? It is a gun simulator, as you may already have understood, and i can promise it is realistic. It has a nice realistic and loud sound. Try it out :)

Crack Your Screen
This app is one of my favorites. It does what it says in a realistic way. It’s simple to use and complex enough, in order to do successful pranks. You just have to press ready and give your device to friend. When he shakes the phone the screen will be cracked. You can adjust how high will the damage be. What do you think? Happy prank-ing :D.
That’s all I could remember of for now. Hope you enjoyed :)

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