The Complete Anonymity Guide


Saving some information for ourselves nowadays, seems hard to succeed. Everyone is asking for our information and our privacy level is below zero. Anyway, enough complaining, if you are one of those people, like me, who like to keep their privacy level high enough, then follow down this article.

I find myself using my Galaxy S to do a bunch of things. Checking my emails, logging into important accounts and many other things. Staying anonymous sometimes, never hurt anyone! I’ll try providing some tips and apps in order to protect your privacy while using your android device.

First of all, while using your broswer you should broswe the web using private mode. This is usually called “incognito” or anonymous mode. You can select it while loading a new URI. This way, you will never store history and cookies on your device, generally speaking you can avoid losing important data, if someone gets your phone. Moreover, some sites will use cookies in order to identify you. You may not want that :)

How many of you are pissed of those applications, which are so nice to you, but without granting your permission, they use to post and inform all your social public of your current location ??? And the worst thing is that you cannot disable GPS and WiFi, because you need them!

No worries, there is a nice solution. There is an application called PlaceMask, you can buy it here and it’s really easy to use. Simply open it, enable it and enjoy :). It will run in the background and protect your location’s privacy.

One more application that i love, is named ASProxy and you may buy it here. It will work only if you got your device rooted. As you may already have understood this application will hide you behind a proxy server, while broswing or using any application that requires network traffic. If you have your own proxy server, then you will probably know how to set this up. If you don’t, firstly, take a look here. These are some servers, which are responsible of protecting your network data. The chances that they will use a users traffic data in order to gratify their interests or goals, are not low though. If you can’t trust them, i recommend you using aVPN [ Virtual Private Network ]. If you would like to try this out, you just need to run ASProxy and select the add a new proxy option. If you want the proxy, in order to broswer select the HTTP protocol, otherwise i suggest you using SOCKS5. You have to find a proxy server of this type ! Just input the server’s IP and Port and your good to go. I have used this app and works fine. However, if you are going to use public proxy servers, you will face a lot of problems, because most of these servers are overloaded all the time.

Lastly, you should consider reading this article too: Why smartphones disrespect your personal privacy.
That’s all for now. If you have not understand something of the above, try searching over the web or let me know with an email/comment. I hope this will help some people staying anonymous.
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