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Are you a guy that hates wasting even 1 second of his life? Do you want everything to be perfect and well organized ? Well, i think I’ve got the solution for you. It is called Tasker and you have to buy it from here. I know it’s kinda expensive, but you may love this one day. Keep reading…

Tasker comes with one primary goal. To make your life easier ! It performs tasks based on Contexts. Contexts are everything you can do on your device. They are parameters, which Tasker will consider into doing something automated, like application, time/date, events, location and many many others. For example, you may order Tasker that when it is Sunday and you open your browser, then the WiFi should be turned off, BECAUSE Sunday is for resting and not surfing the web. Anyway, hope you get the point :). You can have lots of profiles and this way, you can totally schedule your life!

The nice thing with this app, is that you will get lost trying to examine each of it’s options and features. I mean you got so many things to set up, if you want to. You can have so many contexts and with each of them do a task. This is almost like programming, being a high imagination person, you can control many cases and act properly, making your phone 100% geek, cool and useful.

If you like widgets, but you need your battery, there is no problem. You can set periodic refreshing of your widget’s status, for like once a day. Usually, widgets are being refresh so fast, which leads to battery draining and even 3G data loss ( if not on WiFi ). One more cool trick would be to restrict your phone, checking if your its connected to the internet through a WiFi connection or a 3G network. No one would want, his sister of girlfriend, to be uploading photos on the facebook, while on a 3G network :).

I am not here to suggest clever tasks for you. You can do everything, your imagination is the only limit. However, there may be things that you won’t think of, so giving a read to some articles is not bad at all. Here’s some promising articles i found with a simple search:

  1. Tutorial 1
  2. Tutorial 2
I hope this app will be useful to someone. How it can’t be ? And remember, “Google is your friend”. You can find extreme tricks to make your life easier.
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