Ski Safari: Top Android Running Game


What if you could play an amazing, fully entertaining, well built and endless running game?
More precisely, what if you could ski for ever having lots of fun ?
Yes, believe me this is possible by downloading this game.

It was developed by the Defiant Development team. These guys did a great job, trust me.

Ok, some things about this excellent game. The graphics are perfect, controls are good and easy to use, the story does not exist, BECAUSE it is not needed. Yes, indeed, this game is so awesome that it doesn’t need to waste your time with a story. You just start playing and having endless fun.

The interesting thing with Ski Safari is that despite having coins to earn, and items to unlock, there is no in app purchases at all. This is just great.
This game is so fun because it’s such a lightweight experience. Just jump in and start playing without feeling pressued to be buying upgrades because there aren’t ones. There are missions, but these wind up feeling a lot more natural than in many games. This feels a lot more like it’s purely about making new high scores all the time, rather than thinking and thinking and thinking of how to invest your money in a proper way. The top advantage of this game is that there are no disadvantages at all. Yeah, that’s true.

I strongly advise you to try this game. It is one of my favorites games and that’s rare to happen, while i am trying more than 10 new games per week. Are you ready beating some avalanches ?

Enough said, in order to convince you playing it. But, if you are not convinced yet, here’s a video:

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