Shoot the Zombirds: Top Addictive Game


Have you ever considered protecting some pumpkins ?

How about some zombie-birds trying to steal your pumpkins ?
Archery in a touch screen is so cooool !!! I like it so much and most of you will. So the gameplay goes like this: You are the big pumpkin-protector and you MUST protect pumpkins. The game involves shooting some bad zombie birds, which are trying to steal your pumpkins, until you lose all of them or you run out of arrows. So your main goal is to keep zombirds from stealing your little pumps. But the thing gets trickier, night is coming, zombirds are becoming faster and faster, smaller and smaller and its really hard into killing all of them. While trying to shoot them, you will have to consider your available number of arrows. Each time you miss, you lose an arrow and they only way of getting it back, is to kill 2+ zombirds with one shot. If you miss sometimes in a row, you will probably run out of arrows.
Their ingame app-store is almost the same with the one of Temple Run. But I found it a lot of easier into getting the upgrades. You need to spend some hours, but this game deserves your time :)
Pros: Lots of fun, never gets boring, nice graphics and cool sound effects. Also, you can make high scores without paying.
Cons: It gets really hard after some time, and you are really getting pissed of, because you are unable to protect your little pumpkins. It does not have an online scoreboard, so you can’t know your skillz and level( until now that i am writing this ).
Some tips before you head on playing it:
  1. Try hitting these little zombirds for money. This way you will get upgrades fast and defend your littlies in a more efficient way.
  2. Some times it’s good to let a zombird steal a pumpkin in order to kill these that are approaching your littlies, unless it is a small and fast zombird.
  3. Never pause the game. When you are on fire, you should never stop or you may lose your accurancy!
Don’t lose time and download it from here. Hope you enjoyed this review.
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