Shake Spears


Today, I checked the market for any new promising games and luckily I found one, which is amazing !!!

It’s called Shake Spears. You may Download it Here.

Ok some words about this game.
First of all, its well built, even if many people are complaing at this game’s comments/reviewing market section. Moreover, it’s concept is really innovative. I love the plot, I love the gameplay, I love how fighting is being showed.

The best thing with that, as long as i can know, is that you don’t need to pay in order to get their extra gem-stuff. Well, you may need to in order to proceed in new towns/stages, but you can still get some free gems.

Tip : Every 24h you may get 1 gem for free, so after you run out of free gems, you can unlock a new city to proceed with your game.

I played it a lot and managed to win every tournament without paying even 0.01 $.
Well, I was defeated many times, but playing the same map will grant you with more gold with which you will make more upgrades and then you will be able to win the stage :)

I hope that I convinced you trying it out!

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