Ninjump: Will You Reach the sky?


I was checking my Game folders and I saw one of my old favorites games. So, I decided sharing it with you guys.

Ninjump is a simple running game for Android. Having high agility level is very important into succeeding and making high scores. If you are seeking for a cool game in order to challenge your friends, this is it.
You can download it here and it’s absolutely¬†free. There is no need for ingame app store.

In NinJump your goal is to run up the walls while you fight off birds, squirrels and some bad ninjas. Blades and dynamites will keep coming onto you. By tapping the screen you jump to the opposite wall. You got two choices. Avoiding the thing which is coming onto you or kill it. One cool feature is that if you kill three enemies in a row of the same type, you can turn into them for a short amount of time and have immunity to damage, run faster etc. The higher you climb, the more score you will be making. Believe my words, you will find yourself playing a lot of times, because you will usually get pissed of, for losing for idiot reasons.

Well, to say the truth, when I discovered this game, I started a challenge with one of my friends. It was sick, I was going to sleep and I was playing more than 3-4 hours in order to pass his new high score. I hope he had the same problem :D.

Finally, I would like to mention some pros and cons. This game is totally addictive and a nice way to waste your free time. It has nice graphics and well responsive controls. On the other hand, it may not run 100% smooth, because of the many enemies coming for you. As you will go higher to the sky, it will be harder staying alive and there some small lag matters. Moreover, it’s advertisements can become annoying sometimes.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest you playing this game. It’s awesome and free. Enough said, have fun !

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