Inotia 3: Children of Carnia


I was recently bored and decided to search for a good RPG android game. I have tried a lot of RPG’s in android, maybe all of them ( released until now ), and i found a good one. Most of them kept having something really bad! You know, one disadvantage is enough in order to make you uninstall a game. These disadvantages are mostly like bad controls or expensive in-game app store or important bugs visual and functional ones.

So, i found Inotia 3. It’s cool enough and it reminds me of pokemon, though it’s a RPG game.
I love its style and fighting with enemies is really interesting. It has nice graphics and fighting feels good. You will notice some cool sound effects time by time, not all of them though. What i find awesome in this game, is that i can become hard enough sometimes, but not from the first moment. I mean, every game should be difficult, like facing hard bosses, which you may need to battle with more that 5-10 times in order to defeat them. However, if its too difficult people will not enjoy it. Thus, a golden ration ( balance between difficulties ) needs to be applied and i believe this one exists in this game.

One con though is that you will not be able to finish this game, unless you farm and grind a lot ( Not that hard as i said, but sometimes can become hardcore ). Developers tried leading you to paying for some gems. Hmm.. there is always a “BUT” right?  

But, if you choose to download a previous version, not the latest one, you will be able to use GameCIH and add some extra money, which will help you finishing this game without having daily headache until you complete the game :). This is considered cheating, though you will only gain ingame gold. If you need more items, weapons and features you will need gems. Support this game if you like it :).

Here you can download this game :)

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