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I know this blog’s posts are mostly about games, but sometimes there are more important things to deal with, rather than a dungeon Boss !

Health is important for ourselves and for our people. What about arming our devices with some medical applications. Who knows they may come useful one day, hopefully they won’t. There are developers who co-operated with doctors, in order to provide First Aid and other guide applications. Why not installing them, since they are free and consume low storage space. So, i have searched and found two really useful applications, which i would to share with you guys.
The first one is called First Aid and you can get it for free from here. As it’s developers claim:

First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or support other people by giving them instructions.

So, i was experimenting with it a bit and i really loved this app. It was made to help people. It has a nice interface and navigating around it for 20 minutes is enough to set you ready to help in a unwanted situation. It includes almost every case of accident, injuries and general health problems. Something really cool with this app, is an extra category called “Myths”. Over there, you can read about medical myths and improve your knowledge. It’s layout is nice, so you won’t be bored easily when reading.
The second one, which is a great result of hard work is called iTriage and you can download it here.

It was built by doctors, which is important, in order to trust this app. It’s not first aid like the first app, but its more than helping you take the correct decision. For example, if you have some symptoms it could help you visiting the appropriate doctor. Sending your problem to doctors for online help, is a nice feature, since a second opinion is always welcome. Some tests are available, so you can confirm your condition. Lastly, what i love in this application, is that you can keep history of your health problems and medications taken. I know, most of the people keep these info hand-written, but the digital way is always more attractive, friendlier and organized. Remember, getting backups of this app often, if you are willing to use its logging system.

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