Elemental: A Complete Puzzle Game

Do you love sudoku? Hopefully, you do, because this game is like sudoku, but with no numbers. You have to use your brain in order to combine different elements, like earth and fire, to solve a puzzle.

Starting this game, you will be playing in a small map  [ 4x4 ] and you will have to drag and drop some elements in the correct position, in order to create compounds so that each basic element does not intersect with the similar one vertically or horizontally. This seems easy and basically it is for the first levels. Afterwards, your available compounds will be much more and you you will be able of finding less ways of solving a puzzle. Moreover, while completing new levels, the map’s grid will be extended to [ 5x5 ] and so on and so forth. This game can be proved difficult sometimes, but it’s developers have supplied a nice help button. You press it and it fills a cell for you. Afterwards, it is a lot easier to continue solving the puzzle.

What I really like in this game, is its graphics and its sound effects. Its simple, runs smoothly and you just need to use your brain in order to complete. You need less than 30 seconds to learn how to play it and you can immediately start having fun. What i found hard though, was to find an algorithm of solving the puzzles. With which elements should I begin completing ? However, after a short amount of time, i was used to it and discovered my own ways of solving challenges fast.

If your trying to achieve a high score, you have to complete a puzzle really fast. Furthermore, sometimes it is possible that there may exist more than one solutions. Never forget that there is this magic spell-help button, in case your stuck.

I totally advise you playing this game since it has a free version. Don’t expect to be addicted to it, but surely its an awesome time waster.

You can get it here.

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