Draw Something


Draw Something is more than just a Pictionary-like game. It is just perfect.

It lucks of competition, but still makes you willing to draw 24/7. There are no time limits and no punishments for incorrect guessing. Moreover, you may “violate” the rules, like writing some words in your draw, without being banned. You know what? I really like it, because sometimes you need 1-2 words in order to make a perfect drawing. Sometimes, you need to express what you want with words.

This games gameplay is really good designed. You find your mate-pair and you start drawing. In order to find people to play you can search with your facebook account or with your email or randomly. Each time you have to choose between 3 options, one hard, one medium and one easy. Depending on what you will choose to draw, you get higher gold reward, with which you may upgrade your painting set [colours etc]. So, you try to draw what you chose to and send it to the other player. He tries to guess what you have painted and then it’s his turn to draw and so on and so forth, this painting exchanging is continued until someone won’t find the correct answer. Then, you may start counting successful rounds from the scratch. You can notice until now, that this game has no reliance on competition. And yes, i know, competition makes a game really addicting to you, but this isnt a game that you are going to play 24/7. Well, sometimes you may do that too. However, this game is going to help have fun before going to sleep or make your mood in the morning.

There is both a free and a paid version available. Both versions allow playing with any user from iOS or Android. Playing the free version you may luck some colours in the beginning, but time by time you will gain gold and add new colours in your collection :). I believe, it’s one of the greatest ways of spending short amounts of time, while you have the opportunity to express yourselves. This is true, because you can login for 1 minute, make a paint and then logout.

I suggest you playing the free version and if you like this game, then buy the paid one. You can get it over here.

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