Dead Trigger: Will you survive?


Almost every day, there are lots games released in the Play Store, promising hours of fun and entertainment. I am downloading mostly the one’s that have fine feedback in the market and nice graphics. However, there are some games, that before you start reading their comments and viewing gameplay videos, you are pretty sure that you will find yourself playing that game over the next hours or days or months. 

One of these games that has been released before two days in the market is called Dead Trigger. You can download it right now from here for free. You won’t get disappointed, I promise! Unless you are not able to play it on your device, as some users state.
“The world we know is gone.”
This is the first sentence you will read when you start this game. It makes you wanna shit on your pads somehow.
Its gameplay and story are really awesome!!! You are taking on missions with one goal: To survive and help the humanity survive. In other words, clear the world of the infected people. By winning missions you get money and experience. Then, you can get new equipment, like weapons, armor and healing items from the shop.  By getting experience, you are leveling up and thus, increase your health points and become stronger. Personally, i believe this game is one of the best graphic designed games for mobile devices. They are just awesome. I cannot really, believe that in 2012 i am playing such a game in my little smartphone. It’s sound effects are really cool. Actually, if you like killing, you will love it’s sounds :) . However, as in any first person shooting for mobile devices, you will hate it’s controls. Well, there isn’t something better to be done, by the developing point, so you will have to get used to it. If you own a tablet, you are so lucky and you can fully enjoy this game :). If you not own a tablet, but you want to fully enjoy this game, you MUST get one!!! Lastly, i think the in-game store is cool and has a lot of stuff to buy and happily support the developers. You may finish the game without buying anything, though.
In conclusion, i think that Madfinger ( Dev Team ) has succeeded into providing a great game to casual or even hardcore players.
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