Dark Summoner: Total Addiction

Have you played Yu-Gi-Oh in the past? Well who didn’t play this awesomeness?

What would you say about a mobile addicting card game? It does remind to me lot of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh years! It is called Dark Summoner and you can get it here.

Ok, I will confess. THIS game is my favourite one. I don’t want to say a lot of things, you will have to find out yourselves. But, think of a community with nice active people, a lot of competition and the best admins ever. I am playing this game since a month, and I can guarantee that there are new events all the time… well, I mean ALL THE TIME!

Ok some details about the gameplay. You have to set up your card’s formation, which lets you set up 5 card-monsters in the best way-combo and begin battling with other people. Some of the monsters got skills, mainly battle buffs or de-buffs for the opponent. Using the right formation you can make a combo. For example, if you use 5 psycho [type] cards, then you made a psycho-combo and your total attack and defence are increased by 10%. it is great, that your cards can level up by sacrificing another cards on them.
Another awesome feature, is that your player gains levels, and while you level up you can get more battle points, in order to battle more times, or you may get some energy, in order to make complete more missions-quests. What missions are? Basically, by doing missions you are leveling up, farming gold and winning cards, which you may sacrifice or use them to build a good monster formation.

Well, there are a lot of things that i could talk about like, clans [guilds], allies, the auction-trading system and other stuff. But, seriously, you don’t want to learn about all these from an article. It’s awesome to discover them time by time. Well, basically the first 2-3 days you could play non-stop, until you learn this game in good level :D. Lastly, this game has no disadvantages at all. Seriously, i promise !!! It’s great advantage for me, is its activity. Their moderators/admins are dealing with that game 24/7. There have been days that more than 2-3 great events were launched. This way, you may never get bored. It’s an addicting game by itself, and it’s mods/admins want you to play all day.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that you can be good ranked player without having to pay in their ingame-app store, but doing that will help you grow fast.

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