Dark Summoner: Tips and Tricks

Well, i couldn’t wait sharing with you guys, my knowledge and experience on Dark Summoner.

I fully understand that i am totally responsible, because you will be spending a lot of hours playing Dark Summoner and i apologise about that. Although, i would like to provide to you some tips, hints and tricks in order to make your life easier while playing this game. Moreover, i’ll try providing information in order to get you high level and well-farmed as fast as possible. I hope you find this tips pro and useful.

Ok let me begin:
  1. Try making missions all the time and never let your energy be full whitout spending it.
  2. You can always go to previous missions, if for example you have low energy and your new missions require more energy, then you can do a previous mission and gain some gold and experience. This way, if you are not able to play for a long time, you will not have unused energy.
  3. When you are 15+ level you can go for RAID. YOu must have a lot allies, in order to get their attack. If you totally have 300k and more, you can kill the first Lords easily. Don’t forget you need 10 for each hit, so you may need to hit the lord couple of times in order to kill him.
  4. Joining a guild, will help you a lot, because it will grant to you attack, defence and health bonus, when battling. But, i don’t suggest you joining a guild in low level, because they will ask you for donating some gold. You could hit level 30+ and then join one good clan.
  5. You will always be in need to get more and more gold and low rank monsters to sacrifice in order to level up your good ones. To get gold, try making good trades at the auction section. To get monsters fast, you can do the first missions a lot lot times, because they require just 1 energy.
  6. If you ever try sacrifing one monster and it is a rare one, Do Not Sacrifice it. You may sell it high in the auction system, because there are players that need to discover all the monsters and they will pay high for it, even if it’s weak. Note: There are totally 870 monsters to find and new ones are added all the time.
  7. New events are launched almost every day. You should save your free energy potions for these events. Most of them will provide great rewards depending the rank you will get.
  8. Some people will have lots of gold on their player. Beating them in battle, will give you high gold. Sometimes you may attack them for a second time. So, you should be checking your Battle’s history often.
  9. Using a formation with combo, will grant you more power. In order to discover, all the possible combos, try different formations with your low level cards and each time you compound a combo, it will be unlocked. The best combo is to have a lot of combos in one formation. Look around other peoples formation. Learn how each combo is activated and start collection the monsters needed.
  10. There is a good in game help page. You should use that too, in order to avoid mistakes.
That’s all i have for now. I hope you enjoy this article and mostly this game :)


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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for taking free time to publish “Dark Summoner: Tips and Tricks | Android Game & Apps Reviews”.

    Thanks a ton again ,Cleo

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