Complete Fitness: Free Software Pack


Are you time or money limited, in order to go to the gym ? How about training yourself with your device’s assistance ?

There are a lot of applications promising to train you quick and in a correct way. However, most of them should fail, because they were developed by people with low knowledge on gymnastics. I hate training to say the truth, but when I am doing it, I prefer doing it 100% correctly.

I have collected some free applications, who are meant to train you and I believe they are good. I take no responsibility, though, if one of them fail.

Push Ups Pro

The first one, is named Push Ups Pro and you can find it here. It has a nice awesome GUI. As you may already know, push ups are one of the oldest and greatest ways to train your body, since you can train your arms, chest and back with just 1 exercise! So, this apps takes the responsibility to create an appropriate schedule for you based on a how many push ups you can do at once and some statistics it will be collecting over time. Each day, it records your progress and increases the exercise’s level. What I personally like in such applications, is that they keep statistics and history. It is a strong motivation for me, since everything is logged :D. This way i will barely leech and then, results will come after some time.


The second one, which I like a lot is called VirtuaGym and you can download it from here. You can use this for your home or gym. The reason that I like this one, is it’s great 3D instruction videos. If you are like me: “Am i doing this exercise right or my arms are gonna break ? :S :S”, then you will absolutely like this app. It is really informative and you can easily understand how an exercise is done. Another great feature, is that it has a lot of workout programs, considering the time you are willing to spend and your strength’s level. This is good, because everyone can have proper workouts. In order to save and monitor your progress, you will need to register an account for free. That’s all.

Stopwatch and Timer

The last one, is a simple timer, in case you are looking for one good. It is absolutely free and you can get it here. Stopwatch and Timer, is pretty simple to use and has a lot of options. It will be useful, while doing some stretching or warm up running.

These are enough, in order to keep yourself fit. Hope you find them useful :)

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