Bobsled Calling: Free Calls

Hello, once again!

I thought i would share with you guys a really cool app.

Did you run out of credits on your device and you need to call someone ? Have you got a wifi connection next to you?
No problem then…:
It’s called Bobsled Calling and you can find it here.

You have to believe it !! Yeah, its true. You can make free calls using by just being connected to the internet. (wifi)

Pros: It is absolutely free [ until now ] and it has a really nice and user friendly interface.
Cons: It is going to be a paying subscription app, otherwise it’s developers will need a lot of donating in order to survive :P. Also, i noticed that sometimes there is a little delay-laggy. It is limited to 15 minutes talking per day.

I would’t try it with a 3G connection :D.
Using a good wifi connection would make the job done. I should also mention that this application is also available for iOS.

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