Because Sleep Is Important Enough


Are you having problems sleeping? Are you waking up with a terrible headache in derp mode (zombie status) ? I know it sucks and i am one of those who love sleeping, but cannot sleep a lot, because i need to complete my every day’s “to do” stuff. I am really searching all the time for ways to sleep less and rest more. I can’t say that i have found the perfect schedule. However, i keep trying to find the perfect solution.

I am sure that most of you are using an alarm application, in order to wake up each morning. I would like to share with you two applications that really make my life better. They are not guaranteed to work fine with you, but you should try them out.

Relax and Sleep App

The first application that i loved and i would like to share with you is called Relax and Sleep. As you may already have understood, this application takes the responsibility to help you relax and thus, sleep easier. It is simple to use. You just have to select your favorite sound, adjust the volume, set up the timer [ in how much time to stop playing music ] and your good to go. It has a big enough library with sounds, like nature’s sounds, rain, beach etc. You can also, combine sounds together, if you feel so. The huge disadvantage of this application is that its free, but has a lot of limitations. In order to unlock them, you have to pay. Anyway, i am using the free version and it’s still useful.

SleepCycles App

The second app, is named SleepCycles and you can get it here for free. This app, has a one main goal. To let you know the appropriate time of going to sleep and waking up. Most of you, will be aware that while sleeping we go through different sleep phases. If someone wakes up, while in the light-phase [REM], because his body will be semi-awake by then, he will wake up happy, rested, with no headache at all. In other words, this application will help you on deciding when to wake up. It provides four options each time, so you can choose the proper one. It even has a reminder, in order to go to sleep.
The combination of those two works awesome for me. In conclusion, i would like to strongly suggest, at least, trying SleepCycles app, if not the first app.

I hope this will help people, because sleep is important enough for our life.

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