Awesome Shooting Games for Awesome Shooters

Howdy, howdy !!!
I believe, it’s time that i shared with you, some of my favorite shooting games. 

Well, finding an addictive shooting game isn’t that hard. It has to have good psychics and challenging levels. Angry Birds is considered one of the top shooting games. Let’s see if any other game, can compete with it.

Shoot the Apple

The first one i would like to mention is called Shoot The Apple and you can get it here. It is absolutely free. Basically, you are using a really funny canon which fires a doll. Yes, a doll !!! Your goal is to hit the apple. In other words, you have to drop the doll, in order to touch the apple OR make the apple fall onto the doll. Then, you move on the next level. The less shots you make, the more stars you will get when completing each level. What i really like in this game, is it’s levels. You never get bored, because moving from one level to the other, you will have to face different situations. In many shooting games i have played, i was using the same technique for the next 10-20 levels and then something new was coming up. In this game, you will find very challenging levels and every time you will have to think of a new technique :). By completing levels you gain money, with which you can unlock new levels.

It has a lot of advantages, which i would like to state. First of all, it has very good psychics and respond system. You don’t have to wait five minutes, for the objects to touch each other or fall down or whatever. Secondly, it has awesome graphics. It’s well built and i have never lagged or force closed. Moreover, you can play this game, without spending any real money. What a nice advantage, right ?

Well, I don’t want to, but I have to, refer any disadvantages. I found one, which is not important. Some annoying advertisements will pop out, almost after, each level and capture your whole screen. You have to click “X” and your good to keep on playing. That’s all, I think this game definitely worth playing it.

Bow Man

The second one, I would like to talk about is called Bow Man. Here it is. It is not very popular as you can see, but i found it funny and addictive. It is simple as hell. Your goal is to kill the enemy, before he kills you. You shoot round by round. Every time you play, you will be located in a random position and random distance from your opponent. So, your first shoot, will mostly be in order to calculate your distance. Afterwards, try not to miss, because you will get owned :). It has some nice modes, which you can enable and make the game more harder. Check them out!

It is simple to play, with simple graphics. Really good for time wasting and challenging your friends. No, cons at all, since its absolutely free with no annoying ads.
That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy

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