Asphalt 6: Feel the Adrenaline

When i was young, i played Need For Speed Underground in one of my first computers and i was like “Wow, this thing is awesome. I want to die playing this game”. Afterwards, the next NFS games were released with way better graphics and plot and features. This feeling, that you run with 400 Km/h without being afraid of a fine or an accident, is un-compared to a lot things. Especially for people who love racing.

Well, when Asphalt was released, i was really excited. I can’t imagine that i can play a racing game, with a lot better graphics than the first NFS games, in my mobile device.

It is a game series, so some things will be the same in previous versions. The graphics are improved a lot. In this version, you are not only trying to win the race, but it’s in your judge if you want to kick enemies out by hitting them. Your goal in most of its several modes, is to push enemies onto the walls or incoming traffic, get nitro bonuses and fly !!! There is a lady commentator, with a nice voice, to help you in your career and keep you company. Sometimes, she can become really funny or annoying( it depends on your mood and success in-game ), especially when your totally wrecked. Keep in mind, that you may be in need to kill her after some races.

So, what i like in this games, is that nitro is available in high amounts. It really helps steering, while you are boring to press the brakes. Some cool cars are available, after proceeding on your career, with nice upgrades and a lot of choices into customizing them. What i don’t like, is its controls. It takes some time to get used to them and its kinda hard when steering. However, this game definitely deserves a try, while being available in low price. Last but not lastly, i believe that it has a nice career plot, which can keep you into playing it. Making it to 100% will take some time, but it totally worth it. Finally, if you get bored of the career mode, you may challenge your friends in versus mode online :)

You can buy it over here.

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