AngryGran2: The Elder Power


Do you fancy beating some tall guys ? Well, i have to share a game with you. But, let me ask again in a more proper way.

Do you fancy beating guys in a funny and crazy way, while being an old woman ?

I think the second question is quite better than the first one and probably has drawn your attention. Fine, the game is called AngryGran2, it is absolutely free and you can download it right now from here.

It was developed by the Ace Viral team and these guys seriously, had such a crazy idea. Who would imagine himself, being an old woman and having to hit people as hard as he can ? I suppose, you get the point.. You are impersonating a crazy and aggressive Gran :). In order to complete a mission, you have to collect the needed amount of money, for every checkpoint. Hitting people straight in the head with more power, will make them drop more money. Sometimes, while you are 100% power charged and wanna beat a guy into the ground, you will meet officers. You MUST NOT hit them, because you will be unable for some seconds and probably, fail the mission ! The nice with this game, is that you can use a whole variety of weapons. Basically, more of them are tools turned into weapons and that’s the awesome part.

How about using a huge fish as a weapon ?

I can think of many reasons for why you have to play this game. First of all, it has awesome graphics and quite nice sound effects. You can have lots of fun, unless you are an old woman :). Moreover, you can customize that gran to your choice. I mean you can pick, what weapons to use and you can even upgrade the attacking power or your energy etc. In order to play the game, you don’t have to spend money at the in-game market, which is cool. The only disadvantage, that i have noticed, is that there are no disadvantages at all, and you are going to fell in love with it !!

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